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The ever-changing value of Graphic Design

Graphic Design has always had a visual impact. The perceived image has been the most important factor. But over time, the values associated with the images have changed – or perhaps more appropriately – evolved.

Society today has turned from what is best for the masses to what is best for each individual. The advent of social media has allowed people access to information at a quicker, more immediate pace, and through the development of portable devices, such as smart phones and tablets, this information is available in a personalized manner 24/7 if desired. People have more of a need for immediate interaction, and what better way to catch someone’s attention than with a beautiful vibrant photograph, or a stunningly designed graphic.

But along with the growing need for interactivity and personalization comes increased social responsibility, and marketability. Brands have to hit emotions, needs, as well as practicality on a level desired by each consumer. Graphic Design, through its visual impact, has become the bridge between the individual and the brand.

Examples include the growing popularity of visual websites such as Pinterest and Instagram, and changes to social media stalwarts Facebook and Twitter to incorporate more visual elements into timelines and newsfeeds.

Graphic Designers have no choice but to keep up with current trends, or face the consequences of losing business to their competition. Experience and a solid design foundation is important, but a modern eye towards the “latest and greatest” trends and skill-sets is even more important. But the goal is still the same – deliver the message to the customer or consumer so that they are receptive to the message being conveyed.


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